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Hemp Seed Oil

Laila & Me

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Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil for dogs Australia.
Our Cold Pressed Hemp Oil is made from 100% Australian hemp seeds and is truly a modern day superfood for dogs. Hemp oil is a rare plant based source of omega 3, and contains the perfect 1:3 ratio of anti-inflammatory omega 3 and heart healthy omega 6.


Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs Australia

How is this even good for my dog?

It contains all ten essential amino acids and is an excellent source of vitamin E. This, combined with it’s high levels of beneficial fatty acids, mean hemp oil may benefit provide relief from skin conditions, Anxiety, inflammation and digestive complaints,  while boosting the overall health of the immune system.

Our oil is cold pressed, meaning all the beneficial nutrients are retained and not lost due to heat treatment. Our Australian hemp seeds are sustainably grown.


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