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Fruit & Veg Mixed Sample Pack

Dry Aza Bone

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Try them all sample pack!
Ingredients: 100% Australian sweet potatoes, Bananas, Pink Lady Apples & Carrots

Our Apple Nibblies are a great source of vitamin C and calcium for dogs of all ages. Who doesn’t want a pup with a boosted immune system and strong bones!? These treats are high in fibre (helping keep our furry friends regular) and low in fat, making them the pawfect training treat at home or on the go.

If your pooch has got somewhat of a sweet tooth, they will definitely find our Banana Buttons a-peeling! An absolute fan favourite, these treats are packed full of potassium which is super important for a healthy nervous system, as well as impressing all the other pups at the dog park with big, strong muscles! Bananas are full of fibre and are nice and gentle on your pooch’s tummy, making them the perfect dry treat. We find them extra useful on a walk, teaching tricks, and for wrangling stolen socks from puppy’s jaws.

If you are looking for what your dog can chew on next, look no further than our Carrot Jerky Sticks! This super low calorie treat is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, so that your pooch can spot that tennis ball from a mile away while having a shiny coat that glistens in the sun. Did you know that dogs are not able to fully digest raw carrots? Our Jerky Sticks are dehydrated at a low temperature to maximise the nutrients that can be absorbed, while making a great snack to sit back, relax, and have a good old chew on. Did we mention that they are great for keeping their pearly whites nice and healthy?

Our Sweet Potato Super Chews are truly nature’s super food! These chewy little morsels are jam-packed with all the good stuff, and are a great source of dietary fiber which promotes the growth of good gut bacteria and healthy number 2’s. Sweet potatoes also get an A+ when it comes to vitamin A. Glowing skin, a shiny coat and eye-deal vision – what’s not to love? So go on and indulge your furrier, better half with these sweet treats!