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Freeze Dried Raw Beef (60g)

Laila & Me

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Freeze Dried Raw Beef Treats

  • Freeze drying ensure that all of the nutrients are retained and not damaged through heat.
  • Freeze dried food has a shelf like of up to 30 years, when stored at a wide range of temperatures.
  • While dehydrating may impact the nutritional value of some foods by degrading nutrients, freeze drying retains all nutrients in their original state.
  • Freeze drying does not affect the flavour or texture of the food, unlike almost all other preservations methods.
  • Freeze drying makes food much lighter, which make it more cost effective to post.
  • Freeze drying reduces around 99% of the moisture in food, creating an unlikely environment for bacteria and mould to grow.

Beef Dried Raw Beef Treats

  • Lean Australian beef fillet
  • High in protein -rich in iron
  • Australian single ingredient protein

Suitable for Cats & Dogs 

60gm resealable pouch