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Rescue of the Month

Every month Trendy Furbabies chooses a rescue to give back to animal rescues. For the months of October, November & December we will be donating $1 from every online sale to Pugs SOS.


"Welcome to Pugs SOS - an Australia wide rescue charity.

Pugs SOS was started by an ANKC registered breeder, Belinda Goyarts, who is passionate about the breed and is dedicated to keeping pugs out of puppy farms and backyard breeding operations.

Now an Australian wide rescue organisation, Pugs SOS rescues pugs that are at risk of ending up in backyard breeding operations, neglected and abused pugs, and also accepts pugs from people who can no longer care for them.

Once in care, they are desexed, and receive full veterinary treatment, before being rehabilitated and rehomed.

Pugs will be available for adoption once they have been vet worked, desexed, assessed and rehabilitated. Not all pugs will be listed on our site, please contact us for rescues needing homes.

Please note that we also take in Boston terriers and Pekingese.

Potential homes will receive a visit from a Pugs SOS volunteer prior to final adoption. These special pugs deserve to live the rest of their lives in the best possible environment, and it is our responsibility to ensure this comes about.

If you are interested in enquiring about a new family member, please complete an application form on our Pugs SOS website.
As another part of helping this wonderful breed at times we post families wanting to rehome there current desexed Pugs(s) this gives people the right platform to help them go to wonderful homes, As part of the Pugs SOS Assist rehoming policy, Pugs SOS will post a pug(s) for rehoming, please be aware we are only assisting which means all decisions made, medical and or behavioural issues, home checks if completed, fees if any, will be between the current owner and new family, Pugs SOS role is only to provide a platform for owners to rehome there desexed Pugs other than selling websites and selling social media sites. If filling in a Pugs SOS application for the rehoming, please note Pugs SOS Fees do not apply as we are not rehoming the Pug(s) it is a means to pass on details to the current owner.
Thank you
Pugs SOS Australia Team"