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Snuffle Balls

Snuffle balls are an enrichment toy, that is fantastic for brain stimulation, slowing down fast eaters and keeping them entertained. They are extremely useful for cold/wet days and extremely hot summer days when your pet may be confined to the house. Snuffle balls are handmade and are available in custom colours combinations.
Small (ball 9cm)
Medium (ball 13cm)
Large (ball 15cm)
How to use:
•Find a hole in between the fleece tassels and place in the dry food/ treats. Then:
Option 1: Ruffle up the tassels and give to your furbaby to play with
Option 2: To further slow them down, poke the tassels into the holes and give it to your furbaby to play with
•Once finished shake any leftover food out
How to wash:
•Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry
•Machine wash on a cold slow spin cycle by itself and hang out to dry
**To be used under supervision
Trendy Furbabies
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Trendy Furbabies
From $40.00
Trendy Furbabies
From $40.00